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We sit down with John Madden, acclaimed director of THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL! Young, hip and sophisticated, the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club offers superb lo…

23 Responses to “THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL: John Madden interview”

  1. Beverly Trach says:

    great film – great director, not sure how many more times the interviewer can say “uhmm”

  2. VAMoney says:

    Sad amature interviewer and photography. Doing this interview was possibly the biggest mistake John Madden has made.

  3. 111iAm111 says:

    if u intend to go and only sleep at the hotel and feel like ur in a prison.. the window in the room was high and tiny.. bathroom was dirty, reception was unfriendly… a gem ? where? tell where?

  4. Davidsbeenhere says:

    I really love this City
    check out my traveling videos for more info.
    You can ask me about my world traveling videos :-)

  5. cmpervv says:

    im from Australia and i stayed at catalina when i was in miami, was a great hotel, and dam miami had the sexiest people in the world, ill be back soon this time with my wife dammm lol

  6. Conroybbnh says:

    If you need a vacation then this is the spot. If you enjoy finding new places aka, “gems”, then this hotel might be the place to go.

  7. Brookerrt says:

    Hands down one of the best spots I have ever vacationed! I loved the service and the people that were also there to vacation. Very good experience!

  8. Christiandhsdf says:

    I am putting this video on my facebook to remind me every day how awesome this place it! Motivation baby!

  9. Brunobbnx says:

    I don’t know about you, but South Beach has to be one of the most thrilling places in the US to visit! People are beautiful!

  10. Andreatfui says:

    I am going to the Catalina to stay the next time I hit up Miami!

  11. Christophertfr says:

    It is what the guest says that is the only thing that matters! If the guests give bad reports then I am not going!

  12. Connellbbh says:

    I love how the young people flock to this place. I’m in my 20s and this is the place to go it looks like.

  13. Ianuthy says:

    I love South Beach! I like the small vibe that I get. Very private, especially when I am on vacation and wanting to get away!

  14. Robertdghdfg says:

    Catalina Hotel and Beach Club is awesome!

  15. Antoniofghdgh says:

    I love the video footage on here!

  16. Curtionss says:

    I want to go now!

  17. Cuthbertggty says:

    I see a sick yacht on the video.  Awesome!

  18. Connellbbhfg says:

    It’s what the guest says that matters!

  19. Broderickbh says:

    Look at how wonderful this Beach Club works!

  20. Conanbghjfg says:

    The people look really hot in this video!

  21. Brookesonn says:

    Chances are I will visit this resort!

  22. Brunorrt says:

    Love the video!

  23. Ericdfh says:

    I love the guest reviews!


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