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Romney Advisor Brags: We Won Wealthier, White Votes

“Mitt Romney may have lost the 2012 election, but if you ask his top advisor Stuart Stevens, the former Massachusetts governor has nothing to sulk about. Writing in the Washington Post , Stevens bragged that Romney’s ability to win over middle class voters was the real victory earlier this month. “On Nov. 6, Mitt Romney carried the majority of every economic group except those with less than 000 a year in household income,” Stevens wrote. “That means he carried the majority of middle class voters. While John McCain lost white voters under 30 by 10 points, Romney won those voters by seven points, a 17-point shift.”* Cenk Uygur breaks down Romney Advisor Stuart Stevens boasting that the GOP had won more votes from people from households earning above 50k/year and young white voters. What is the subtext here? Are voters not in those categories less worthy to brag about getting? Does this go back to Republican pundits whining about “non traditional” voters upsetting the race? *Read more from International Business Times: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Support The Young Turks by Shopping Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:
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23 Responses to “Romney Advisor Brags: We Won Wealthier, White Votes”

  1. AliCam O'Heriley says:

    Got to give these ass holes credit. They don’t hide their bigoted shit.

  2. dbleed84 says:

    That’s funny kause its whites that fullfill the welfare


    He didn’t win because the wealthy white and black Americans are now the minority people are starting to realize that they don’t have to work they’re whole life just love off welfare and that’s how everybody thinks why is it like that? I agree republicans have problems just like everybody else we realize that but we need a president who can man up and say no more welfare craph get a job.

  4. captainjack77 says:

    You want to impose your beliefs on me with the use of force, that’s for sure. I have no problem with your right to donate into a “fund” which gets distributed anyway the collective group wants. I just don’t want to be forced to donate.
    How come anytime someone disagrees with you, they are automatically a fox-news ogre? I am not a Republican, you partisan (2 party) moron. Fox news hates my kind of views. I think people should be free economically, and socially. So, “you have no clue about me”.

  5. MultiWay2 says:

    lol you have no clue on anything about me……and you assume that i pay nothing and want want want…..conservative politics and fox news at its best

  6. captainjack77 says:

    You clearly do not understand the tax code. If I run a business, I pay 35% on profits, then I pay my workers, then shareholders, then myself. I then get taxed another 35% for my income. This doesn’t even include payroll tax, property tax, etc… You must be thinking of GE, who only paid 7%. They wrote off losses for previous years, lowering their tax burden. They are the exception, not the rule. 1% account for more than 60% of total government revenue.

  7. Shiruba Dangan says:

    I don’t get this hate on our president. I just hope he does well. I didn’t care if it was Bush, Clinton, Other Bush, Reagan etc. I don’t care who wins and although I may disagree with them I hope they do well for our country. Instead, All I hear is hate, a ridiculous amount of even more hate, stupidity, and hypocrisy. It is for the people not for whites or black, straight or gays, or one religion or the next. It shouldn’t be decided by that but decided based on what is good for everyone.

  8. Rob Cypher says:

    Also, his stance on gay rights and marriage is definitely a change, since the last few presidents were either against it (or merely lukewarm half-assed policies like DADT). The more integrated a group of people feel towards their society; the healthier they are emotionally and are more able to contribute in ways back to those tolerant cultures.

  9. Rob Cypher says:

    If you can’t see how he’s managed to nulify some of the damage bush did to this country with 2 different wars (one was due to WMD lies surrounding junior’s “avenge my father” routine and was probably unnecessary given the chaos we released was worse than what Saddam did; and the other one ws ignored for years in favor of Bush’s fantasies of doing what his father didn’t want to do (which was to leave Iraq in a constant state of civil war, even if Saddam was a bad man).

  10. CounterCultureLives says:

    And your comment was extremely asinine.

  11. Seamas Mulvihill says:

    Im actually a psychiatric therapist. Ive spent my fair share of time analyzing the impact mental illness upon children and society. Your comments are extremely insensitive. 

  12. CounterCultureLives says:

    May I suggest you get some therapy??

  13. Seamas Mulvihill says:

    Im a raging liberal hippy. I haven’t showered in weeks. Im actually a card carrying member of the communist party and recently converted to islam and I voted for Romney.

  14. Matt P says:

    I’ll take your word for it. You still have not addressed the 6 trillion in debt or what he has done that will drastically change this country for the better, after all, his slogan is “change.”

  15. CounterCultureLives says:

    If you’ll listened to the full text of his remarks, you’ll discover that he DID word it like that. His message was that no person can succeed on his/her own. It takes others to inspire, to mentor, to finance, to lead, and to follow.

  16. captainjack77 says:

    GE paid about 7.5% in taxes, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Let’s look at Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips. They all paid over 40% in taxes. Wallmart paid roughly 35% last year. This is far more than the average citizen. And even still, GE’s 7.5% is still FAR more revenue than your 12% of $40,000. But either way, why are you arguing to steal money from another group of people? You should be arguing to eliminate the income tax for everyone.

  17. fkujakedmyname says:

    job creators are the work force spending money getting paid better to pick up the economy not rich people being greedy they don’t create or make anything stock brokers and bankers make nothing ( they steal everything. they steal from hard working people who work for a living ) if your neighbors have no extra cash how can you start a business they can spend money at

  18. fkujakedmyname says:

    and your a fool if you think they pay 35 % that’s only for people who work for a living the rest pay capital gains and that’s anything over 100k and that’s at most 15% but tax breaks and loop holes most don’t even pay 5%

  19. fkujakedmyname says:

    wrong they pay more in taxes than the corporate repugnicans they pay payroll taxes unlike mittens and his friends they don’t pay any taxes ge made 10 billion and paid 0 in taxes so any immigrant pays more and most repugnicans are guilty of tax evasion or welfare fraud ( corporate or general both are fraud) immigrants cant collect welfare

  20. Matt P says:

    Why didn’t he word it like that? Also something you have to realize is Obama was extremely critical about Bush causing 4 trillion dollars of debt in 8 years but Obama has caused 6 trillion dollars of debt in under 4 years. Also before you say something like “That’s because of the improvements he’s making” I haven’t seen any improvements.

  21. CounterCultureLives says:

    Actually, that’s not what Obama said. if you’ve listened to the full message of what the President said, you would realize that he was saying that no one can build a successful business alone.

  22. captainjack77 says:

    Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. Also, 1% of people account for over 60% of government revenue. Most people making over 350,000 a year (which constitutes the “1%”) pay over 35% income tax. If they own a business, they have already paid 35% on their profits, before paying themselves. Romney paid 15%, but also donated 30% to charity – this may be a “loop hole”, but it’s not a very bad one, if you ask me. How much did you pay in taxes? How much did you donate? You want something for nothing.

  23. fkujakedmyname says:

    the people we should deport and keep their money let the immigrants stay they pay taxes


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