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Hotel Transylvania | Video Movie Review

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25 Responses to “Hotel Transylvania | Video Movie Review”

  1. extremefrisbee says:

    I thought this move was really good but it seriously had some of the worst music I have seen in a film in years. I mean you have CEE LO GREEN! He is RIGHT THERE! But they decide to make some really shitty Black Eyes Peas knockoff.

  2. HBarnill says:

    Little Nicky was the only comedy I like from him, maybe because of Reese Witherspoon and Quentin Tarantino.

  3. 68joeRuiz says:

    I thought Sandler’s worst movie was “Mr. Deeds” that was weak! Little nicky was ten times better then that that trash!

  4. sharksbean says:

    this is the only truly funny movie he’s done since anger management which was really only that funny because of jack nicholson

  5. jack redd says:

    Where do I get this song

  6. ques408 says:

    Whats your new channel name

  7. medrano77 says:

    May I ask where you rented the guitar playing goat?

  8. spillcom says:

    Thanks Man! Hey, if you want to check out our new stuff, search SpillReviews, We have a new channel we upload to now. You can still see our old reviews on this channel though.

  9. Theguitarwebsite says:

    I went to see that movie and that girl was not fine. She’s was Smocken hot

  10. yermom014 says:

    Wow, you guys have really improved since when you first started, Holy shit.

  11. happycrab100 says:

    i wached this last evening, and u know what, it was one of best cartoon movies i have seen, and i have seen a lot of those :D

  12. Dudely9 says:

    Through the entire review, I was waiting for Leon to hit Korey, while he was singing.

  13. VideaVice25 says:

    He took few weeks(even month) to take care of his family cuz his father died. But now he’s back.

  14. KwanKwan Katzuca says:

    what happened with the white chubby guy that used to do the reviews with them???? i miss him…

  15. lunatiksAlterEgo says:

    thats how it starts, first the video reviews, then the audio, then the podcast, then before you know you it, your a Spillio :)

  16. batmenace15 says:

    Genndy Tartakovsky is a pure genius, he made the Star Wars prequels look awesome and Adam Sandler funny! Who else could possibly do that?!

  17. symbiote102 says:

    Goatsy makes a cameo! Awesome!!!

  18. Starfightr43 says:

    Best beginning ever!!!

  19. Snot Nose says:

    Ive loved you guys since the days you was on Austin Cable Access haha, im so happy i found ya’ll on youtube now.. you still rock just as much as ever, actually shit your even FUNNIER now!

  20. CaptainMARNEY says:

    That part always makes me laugh, every time!

  21. Kieran Amore says:

    what i want to say to spillcom is that they made me want to become a critic and thanks because u guys have the best channel ever

  22. Hectorferjr2 says:

    Hotel Transylvania 2 will come out in 2015 but Genndy Tartakovsky will not come back to direct it because of Popeye.

  23. LetsPlayCrazy says:

    … i know ill get many dislikes… but i really don’t know why you are all hatin on sandler!
    in my oppinion hes a humourus guy who has a hearth for children… well it could be his voice… because i’m german and his synchronous speaker sounds very funny… well… i like him ^^

  24. ChickenRamen says:

    This was good for an Adam Sandler movie. Cute too..

  25. carlos duarte says:

    i ain’t got 7.50 to pay.. !! everybody now..


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