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Hotel Review: Royal British Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh – 22nd November, 2011

Review of the Royal British Hotel on Princes Street, Edinburgh, featuring an in-depth bedroom review of one of the newly refurbished boutique style rooms on …
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Tokio Hotel “Humanoid” – iTunes Tokio Hotel – Myspace (free streaming album…

28 Responses to “Hotel Review: Royal British Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh – 22nd November, 2011”

  1. viperbox79 says:

    Es una mierda de hotel las camareras no se enteran de nada

  2. Stuart Moss says:

    Thanks for the correction! I’m a bit wiser on my Edinburgh geography now! They were refurbing from the top down, so ask for something on a high floor.

  3. modestymia says:

    Having read some reviews on here I was discouraged from going here but this has made me think again. With this being over 18 months old I’m guessing they’ll have refurbished this a bit more. BTW The hill you thought was Arthur’s Seat is Calton Hill.

  4. Katie Hopcraft says:

    Good album review

  5. melaniekaulitzroels says:

    cool review

  6. AzerFraze says:

    wow, incredible how they are so successful in america now. in germany you dont really hear something from them anymore

  7. RockPelt321 says:

    my favorite songs by Tokio Hotel altogether are: Scream, Monsoon, Darkside of the Sun, Dogs Unleashed, & Final Days, i almost have Scream and Monsoon completely memorized in German :)

  8. RCsBlackHeart says:

    My favorite song by bless the fall is god wears gucci :3

  9. Travis1000 says:

    “I KNOW!!!”
    LOL Love it!

  10. TheElectricBunny says:

    These are my favorites-
    Schrei: Freunde Bleiben, Unendlichkeit, Wenn Nichts Mehr Geht
    Zimmer 483: Nach Dir Kommt Nichts, Wir Sterben Niemals Aus, In Die Nacht
    Scream: Final Day, Sacred, Scream
    Humanoid: Automatic, Attention, Pain Of Love

    But I seriously absolutely LOVE EVERY TOKIO HOTEL SONG.
    Th fur immer

  11. leo angelo sacopla says:

    look a like of soony moore of from first to last haha!

  12. MsFatalTwist says:

    The best song on their cd Humanoid is World Behind My Wall

  13. Julieerenalien says:

    The best song at the Tokio Hotel cd was Zoom into me.
    Really. Beautiful lyric, and beautiful vocal.
    But I liked humanoid as well.

  14. 7O0OL says:

    btf WITNESS FTW!!!! And Escape the Fate was better w/ Ronnie, but btf is better off with Beau instead of Craig. Stoked for btf next album in the Fall!

  15. IchBin Selena says:

    My friends at skool all know I’m like in love with Bill (the lead singer of tokio hotel) so one of my guy friends tried to get me pissed of by showing a picture of Bill to one of the tutors who works around skool and telling him that he looks like a girl and it was super funny cuz when the tutor guy saw Bill he was like ok I have to admit it…. he is a hot guy and then my guy friend stared at him all wierd lol

  16. emilybrookehighsmith says:

    I agree. Bill Kaulitz is GORGEOUS :D

  17. mejammbatoon says:

    LOL! I <3 HUMANOID!!!

  18. LuvXHate says:

    Huamnoid is definitely my favorite song from the album (as of right now!). I’ve been listening to Tokio Hotel for a year now and all I can say is I’M HOOKED. They are a great town who have stuck together since they were kids. :-)
    And Bill is very very pretty <3

  19. Allie D says:

    hahah screamin is sooo goood!!!(: that’s one of my favs.
    Top favs
    1. Screamin
    2. Automatic
    3. Noise
    4. Humanoid
    5. Forever Now
    LOL(: yes he is very pretty

  20. Preston Boasythong says:

    why would you put bless the fall and tokiyo hotel in the same video!!

  21. landaii says:

    blessthefall is great. really love them.
    Craigs band change was bad for escape the fate. their sound changed totally, but blessthefall is still rocking on and being awesome :)

  22. Caroline Pearce says:

    I bought the Tokio Hotel album the first day it came to stores. My favorite song on it was Hey You, Humanoid and Phantomrider but I love all the songs on there so I dont have an absolute favorite one.

    Rockin’ outfit by the way =D

  23. Gabbie Denise says:


  24. GreeceCombination says:

    hey you love & death and pain of love!

  25. yuctownstar says:

    Wow your beautiful

  26. Julieerenalien says:

    Forever now is the best for me.

  27. Jessica Hernandez says:

    who needs a favorite song in tokio hotel world all the songs r

  28. Carlos Vanilla says:

    fuck you


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