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Disney Good Neighbor Hotel: Clarion Resort and Waterpark You can’t always stay at a Disney World resort for your Disney vacation, so what’s the next best thing? A Disney Good Neighbor hotel, …

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29 Responses to “Disney Good Neighbor Hotel: Clarion Resort and Waterpark”

  1. SuperLostBoy says:

    I went there last week :D

  2. chantou8 says:

    this place is in no way a RESORT it is a cheap motel , the rooms are not like your showing at all , the carpets are badly stained so is the furniture , they dont even change the bed sheets everyday , i was leaving a 5$ tip for the maid each day and one evening coming back from disney the tub and counter wornt even washed and the same bed sheets , the wall had a uge crack in it , we had ants in the bathroom , the counter was broken i cried when i walked in the room i was coming from canada

  3. DestinationsFlorida says:

    I am glad our tips help!

  4. TheBoxingGuru says:

    Thanks for all the great tips!  Love ‘em!

  5. commonman80 says:

    I’ve decided to go E-CIG today. Getting with the times I guess. Besides I’m tired of the tobacco smell on everything. Especially in my new car. I purchased an E-CIG product called 21st Century Smoke. I haven’t tried it yet. However, I’m hoping for good results. I’m wondering if you know anything about this E-CIG product. Well any ways, I’m marking your video as one of my favorites so I can periodically return to see what’s new and informative about E-CIGS. Stay Cool and hope you get my post…

  6. coadkins86 says:

    Started with a smoke tip, not bad but didn’t do the trick,went to a 1000mah ego/Stardust kit, AWESOME still use it! I mostly use my smoktech VMAX with a vivi nova tank. AMAZING whole kit was 100 bucks @ my door.

  7. Volcanocigs says:

    Thanks for the advanced review on our products!

  8. mikelh says:

    Posed a good question, but didn’t answer it, how come ?
    You pretty much said all of them were good in their own way. I was hoping to hear you pick one Best E-Cig in each class, and also one Best VALUE for the money E-Cig in each class.
    Hope you do another video, you seem to be one of the few guys on YT who actually has tried them all.

  9. Savagetechdude says:

    What about the Joye 510? I have it and wanted too know how it compared to the rest

  10. Anan Darras says:

    I’m smoking Tobacco while I’m watching this

  11. lumbymcgumbyv2 says:


  12. Charlie Greenfield says:

    The best I have found so far are totallywicked e-cigs. Their fluid tastes better, their equipment lasts longer. It is worth the small premium. My experience with Blu is that they are overmarketed dogcrap that last far less than most other brands and leave you disappointed. 3 people and myself used them as our first ecigs and it was awful.

  13. Grant Fielder says:

    You should do an update video now that there are new & better products on the market as well as cheaper. Take the eGo-C Twist for example, its a variable volt mod that’s only $30 and it’s great.

  14. trunk516 says:

    I started earlier this year with the Mistic..( sold at Walmarts ) and now no one can get refills…so now my $50 investments in batteries..chargers etc are useless…

  15. 0XYGENgone says:

    hahah ur voice is hilarious u dont talk like that u know that

  16. Spenser Howden says:

    Thanks found this to be a very helpful video

  17. Christian Maldonado says:

    Blu and Nicotek are good…

  18. Jeff Hargrove says:

    I started with a brand No.7 — It really was poor quality. I used it and it had lots of issues. Fluid going in my mouth, batteries not holding chargers, leaking, and just seeming like it didn’t do anything.

    BUT recently I tried two diff new brands. One was a friends green, and after trying it I bought a new setup, Encore which my local tabacco store carried. BOTH are way better then my first experience.

    Moral of story, keep trying, find one that works.

  19. DjHardDriver says:

    i have just order the standard kit from V2cigs

  20. Ecigarette Reviewer says:

    What he means is that there a few basic e-cigarette batteries under many different brands, for example 510 like Blu, or KR-808D like V2 cigs, Eon Smoke, Smoke Tip. Those that are of the same type are intercompatible.

  21. monegro3001 says:

    couldnt you show us the e cigs?

  22. lena louis says:

    Does E-Cigarette realy works?

  23. prankstersVSwankers says:

    im looking for a e-cig ranged from 20-50 dollars in australia are u able to help me?

    and does the battery attach to the cartridge im so confuse how its put together

  24. Reece Kennedy says:

    No, they won’t. The reason cigarettes have an effect on fitness is (mainly) because of the carbon monoxide created from half-burning the tobacco (it’s not really on fire, more like embers) and this carbon monoxide binds with your blood as oxygen normally should. This reduces the amount of oxygen you can get in your blood stream. E-Cigs don’t ‘burn’ anything, just vaporises it, so you don’t get any bad effects to fitness.

  25. Kyle Sargent says:

    I use VOLT and it has exceptional vapor and is very easy to use. I strongly recommend Volt because it’s inexpensive and extremely reliable I’ve been using the same batteries for over a year now, they have lots of accessories and flavors.

  26. thuwhatwhat says:

    Will E-Cig cause effects on my gym work out like normal cigarettes? please someone answer thanks!

  27. mrrascal6666 says:

    for everyone watching this.DONT i repeat DONT buy these products!!!! there cheap and WAY to expensive. i promise you if u get a kit like those your throwing your money away. trust mr on this.. if your a beginner look into the ego twist battery and attomizers. also look up …grimmgreen… reviews on youtube

  28. rockman1252 says:

    Okay, I am no longer worried. Thanks so much for that info sir! That was basically it, lol. Thanks again.

  29. TheBoHoBoy says:

    Best ecig I have ever owned? The Screwdriver with the tornado tank converter. The Tornado atty lasts a whole lot longer then some of the atty,s out there, (a lot longer then the one that comes with the screwdriver) “though it is a good atty”. And one battery llasts months and months (one charge lasts about 6 hours heavy vaping) And there is less things to go wrong with it


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