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Demon’s Souls Video Review by GameSpot

Brutally challenging and utterly engrossing, this innovative role-playing game is one of the year’s best. Read the full review:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Demon’s Souls Video Review by GameSpot”

  1. dereksmallsuk says:

    I’m playing dark souls on Xbox, amazing game. I’m going to get this on the ps3 too,as it looks just as frustratingly amazing too. Clocked up 27 hours of gameplay on dark souls,and my character is only at level 29!! Shows how shit I am,…lol. Slow progress,but one of the best games I have ever played.

  2. EseNinja7 says:

    4:17 fail?

  3. Joakim Wiik says:

    That’s some super gaming skills right there. awesome!

  4. Joakim Wiik says:

    i have had this game a whole day. Still on the first map. the first map !!! the first checkpoint!! it’s bloody difficult. BUT I LOVE IT SO FREAKIN MUCH. I’m gonna continue now.

  5. godofjakxx says:

    since gaming started games were made to be hard to make them last longer cause they wasnt that long

  6. mitra32203 says:

    demon’s souls was first, dark souls came after, but from what i’ve read the stories aren’t related.

  7. halogrunt100 says:

    What came first demon would or dark souls, because I just finished dark souls to get up to date for dark souls 2

  8. ecremeans says:

    Since the 80′s, when real gamers were born!

  9. Vincent Haya says:

    in dark souls seath the scaleless kills you doesnt matter what you do. it killed me and my friend, and i am lvl 357.(he was a noob and i was helping). i finished this game… mmm… 7 times? yea i think it was 7 times. and never did more than 1/3 damage to seath in the first fight, i am not even sure if i ever got to touch him, if i ever did was with a bow…

  10. Noah837 says:

    Yeah, it is impossible not to die. I don’t know why people like to lie about not dying in this game, its pretty pathetic but whatever.

  11. Broph4 says:

    1:28 Blighttown dart shooter?

  12. Ronster Hawke says:

    Yes,i completely agree with Noah837 on this one.its impossible to stay alive even at the beginning after you beat the tutorial boss,you walk down the hallway and a huge red fist kills you.also i’ll mention that in dark souls you are meant to die on a certain part.XD nuff said.

  13. Noah837 says:

    I find that hard to believe because you are supposed to die, especially in the beginning of Demon’s Souls for instance so you can get to the Nexus and begin 1-1 after the tutorial.

  14. Wyatt Leaf says:

    I beat Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls both without dying at all.

  15. AdamR702 says:

    Souls> Scrolls

  16. WigglyMcFingers says:

    When you stop being a pussy.

  17. Anakinnightwalker says:

    They’re fun because they’re rewarding, if the challenge isn’t created because of the game’s shortcomings and Demon’s souls isn’t all that hard, you just to think before you swing your sword

  18. Carlos Moyano says:


  19. AriesSiren says:

    i feel the same way. i love hard games, but starting at the beginning from a boss is just ridiculous and tedious. i have no problem figuring it out, but dont punish me by sending me all the way back, it might as well just be game over then. pointless

  20. skinheadboy1 says:

    Since when are really difficult games fun?

  21. 11haythem says:

    Oh right. Well i still wouldn’t say its overpowered, in a way every weapon is overpowered in PVE because there are many exploits and such, mainly to beat bosses. Like the Old King Doran one were you can exploit his AI and keep backstabbing him.

  22. TheKevlar4 says:

    i was saying it was overpowered in PVE sorry i didn’t make that clear

  23. 11haythem says:

    So just because it has a long range attack it means it’s overpowered? I can easily get up close and personal with a Kilij or a Uchigatana and beat one. The whole point of the spear is defense, you have good range, and you can attack while blocking. But it sucks at attacking. Every weapon has it’s pro’s and con’s. As for the Scraping spear, well that’s just annoying, if i see someone with one of them. I’ll just leave.

  24. TheKevlar4 says:

    they have an R2 attack that has long range and is really fast and there is a weapon called the scraping spear which damages the durability of your oponents weapons with every hit so after 3 hits or so you have won the fight.

  25. 11haythem says:

    How are spears overpowered?


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