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Bermuda’s Grotto Bay Review & Tour

Hidden Camera Review & Tour of Grotto Bay Resort in Bermuda. See the rooms, the beach, the pool, tennis courts, restaurants and more. See the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Iberostar Paraiso All inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya stands in a class by itself. Absolutely love all aspects of the resort from the colorful villas, great pools, lush grounds, beautiful beach, great staff and restaurants. There is really no place I could fault this resort. Very highly recommended. Music: After all (part 2) by Alexander Blu

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33 Responses to “Bermuda’s Grotto Bay Review & Tour”

  1. Tony Pittsburgh says:

    Stayed there; fantastic place.

  2. danceangel427 says:

    This was very helpful, thank you.

  3. antors2011 says:

    hey, they have your video linked a
    You might make some money with it.

  4. rbye88 says:


  5. ditrataral says:

    It seems ok, but outwardly judging, i’ve seen better beaches and better hotels

  6. Nick Metz says:

    I’m going here in four days! I can’t wait!

  7. Christine Moffatt says:

    Guessing some of the complaints might have been addressed since the video is five years old. Hope so anyway. Going with two kids next week…anyone use the child care or kids club?

  8. brunoboy98 says:

    If u gothere rent a moped

  9. armanitouch says:

    I just got back from the grotto bay. It was amazing and the grotto was amazing. The don’t rent cars on the island at all. However the transit system is amazing but just a bumpy ride. They do offer all inclusive and it’s well worth getting it considering the costs..

  10. NebPWN says:

    i went during their off season so i didnt find the grotto beach crowded at all. but you have to visit the other beaches, namely the horseshoe beach. its just beautiful. anyway renting a car would be extra helpful if you got the moolah and can drive on the right. i booked my hotel and flights on expedia, not sure what the inclusive pkg you are referring to. if it is the breakfast thing, i didnt get it. btw theres a cave near grotto bay, you can pay to visit. pretty cool for kids

  11. NebPWN says:

    it is very nice. staff is friendly, place is clean, beach is nice maybe the only problem for us was the location. it is not located in the city. so you have to take a 20 min bus ride to see all the sites

  12. Barituneful says:

    Thank you for your most helpful video review!!

  13. face7474 says:

    I stayed at this hotel and thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant staff, comfortable and clean rooms, and well maintained beach area. My favorite thing to do was to swim in the caves. Having the caves right there is a plus!!!

  14. NebPWN says:

    gonna stay there this coming feb. thx for the vid

  15. xogenevievexo says:

    I didnt really want to stay here after seeing the video but I had already booked and there was no refunds for the 2-night deposit. They made the hotel look bad! This is a lovely spot to stay with so many things to do. The airport is the least of my worries… Dont be hesitant anyone! This is where you want to stay in Bermuda… here or Southampton!

  16. sandybdagurl says:

    omg u guys are dissin grotto bay like nothin! take it ez. its a really nice hotel. and so you get a exspensive burger shoot if you dont like it run down to swizzle Inn an get some ISLAND FOOd n if ur still hungry get some ice cream next door. u cant complain its a beautiful hotel with a beautiful property with a beach, caves and a pool an such a great sunday morning buffet!!

  17. punkmidget says:

    dont say bermuda only hires philipenians cuz ur a liar im half bermudian/caymanian and bermudians dont “import ” people.n they arent filipenian there from greece u dumbass

  18. apensarosa says:

    I stayed at Grotto Bay in June 2007. It was beautiful! This video doesn’t do it justice. Bermuda is so small that you really are close to everything! Dive shop, water sports, caves, and scooter rental all on the hotel property!! Also the Swizzle Inn and Ice Cream Shop are around the corner so you can “Swagger” back to your hotel room. I did not find Bermuda expensive, same as Boston prices

  19. JRosser25 says:

    karen learn to speak english before you try and insult people, you make no sense. and the ants our our freinds who only attack stupid tourists like you!!! stay at coral beach, its the best place in the whooooole world. or do you have to be a memeber, no idea…

  20. car mella says:

    check out this movie made  in the caves !!!! Stranded on island , lost in a cave , caves , found cave bitten by poison spider, found two women , one sexy , one fat , adventure in an island cave and survival berumuda trip , bermuda caves, caves in a cave

  21. Ootmarsumgaming Nl says:

    i was there almost a year ago it was absolute awesome, but… my cellphone was stolen from the room :( 

  22. Eric Catalan says:

    I fell in love with sandy one of the star friends staff ^.^

  23. kimberley lind says:

    leaving tomorrow morning wo

  24. harlan cline says:

    been there a couple of times now.. loved it both times. great place to relax. great beach, scuba diving is awesome there too. going back this christmas. cant wait.

  25. Nick Moccia says:

    just got back!!!

  26. George A says:

    Nice video!

  27. bagrat22 says:

    been there four times. there is a disco open very late. the entertainment staff wll have you laughing and dancing all day. i’m 51 and still like to party. you won’t be disappointed. and you can go to pool bars all over this huge resort with five hotels (except the grand, which is where the snobby couples stay). Iberostar is top notch.

  28. XKLUSIF says:

    Hey JCVdude.. love the videos.. you seem to have a video on almost every resort ive been looking at.. keep it up!!.. ive been considering this resort with my girlfriend.. i am 25.. and ill be going with another couple..same age, around 25…. were looking for a good time and a good party!.. how is the night life and the party scene? is this a fun resort? im not looking for a cancun party, been there done that.. just a place where the crowd isnt in bed by 11.. what do you think?!

  29. Makulify says:

    im going there tomorrow!

  30. JCVdude says:

    Have FUN!!!

  31. brettnia says:

    Ill be there in 1 week! YAY

  32. viveecuador says:

    You did a great job!!!
    Beautiful place..
    Thumbs up and favorite!!

  33. speedproductions797 says:

    Wow, amazing!!!!!! I’m the first to comment! Yeah, I”m the best!!!


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