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2014 2015 2016 Upcoming Movies with Trailers + Best of 2012

The Latest List of 2014 2015 2016 Upcoming Movies with Trailers -if available-, Release Dates, Posters, Cast and more. SUBSCRIBE for hokpakh3 to Stay Up-to-D…

24 Responses to “2014 2015 2016 Upcoming Movies with Trailers + Best of 2012”

  1. Valentin HERVY says:

    wow movies was awesome (Star Wars, Marvel ….)

  2. whatzloz24 says:

    how do u know that???

  3. markassbusta1 says:

    What the hip hop track used in this video?

  4. Christian Escamilla says:


  5. OMAR BAKER says:

    2014 look good

  6. DEMPSEYBRI says:

    Gotta see dumb & dumber 2, resident evil 6,

  7. Patty908908 says:

    I’m not sure if Minions is real

  8. Bobby lachance jr says:

    A2 has the most pressure on it because of all the movies on here, this is the only one to average 1-3 in records in cinematic history in awards, grossing, dvd/bluray sales and overall popularity.

  9. jacobarkwright says:

    Awsome montage also amazing spider man 3 has been confirmed for 2016

  10. Tobunchies says:

    They need to make a Deadpool movie. Am I right?

  11. roughghost663 says:

    Phineas and ferb SUCKS

  12. Darren Sabatini says:

    The Smurfs 3 hasn’t been confirmed

  13. devin derda says:

    Godzilla May 2014

  14. ATramZILLA says:

    May 2014 is where its AT

  15. Patrick O'Brien says:

    Hotel Transavenia 2 OWNz

  16. Will Caruso says:

    Kung fu panda 3 says it comes out in 2014

  17. Isaiah Squillace says:

    Ant man OMG

  18. ldavis2ny says:

    Star wars…..tis all

  19. Spiderboy110 says:

    Amazing spiderman 2 was moved to April 2014

  20. Jeppetheirishman says:

    Skyfalk is an epic song! Just saying

  21. Omar Mohamed says:


  22. carlakeep says:

    Finding dory?

  23. planstupid360 says:

    Ant man is comeing out before the avengers assemble again.

  24. persayous hazel says:

    IN Captain America 2, is GSP going to be acting in the movie????


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